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Kingdom Come

Teamed up with filmmaker Justin Sindone and musician Johnnie Lee Jordan to record one of his sets at FAT BABY in the Lower East Side. The result is 15 minutes of raw performance by Johnnie intimately captured. Love the way this one turned out. Take a look… Read more →

A Drunken Dreamy J. Allen

I have been working with Josh on a number of commercial projects over the years. Josh is a location and post production sound engineer. He was also involved in the audio post production mix of the first “negative: nothing” trailer in 2012. It is only late last year that I found out that Josh is also a gifted musician, performing under the name “J. Allen”. When I went to see his show at Pianos at last year’s CMJ music event in New York, I was blown away by the personal, absorbing and dreamy quality of his songs. Since then, we were talking about making a video. It was one of those projects that was always in the back of my mind, but due to scheduling conflicts we never found the time to do it. Well, not up until last week… Read more →