Tales of Our Time


I produced 7 artist profiles and 1 curator profile video for the “Tales of Our Time” exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. They were filmed on location in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, giving a glimpse into the artists’ practices, and introducing the exhibition to the public.

Producers: Stephan Knuesel & Naomi Leibowitz
Field Producer & Editor (Artist Profiles): Miao Wang
DP: Shaoguang Sun
Editor & Videographer (Curator Profile): Stephan Knuesel
Additional Camera: Alvin Tsang
Music: Tim O’Keefe
Sound Mix: Josh Allen
Design: Laurence Martin
Translation: Tzu-Wen Cheng
Assistant Editor: Ruohan Xu

Special Thanks to curator Xiaoyu Weng!

More on the exhibition

View the Curator / Overview video, followed by 7 Artist Profiles edited by filmmaker Miao Wang: