This film is part of my “Record New York” series featuring raw, intimate and impromptu performances of artists in New York.

Sept 27 – “Hey Middle-Aged Man, do you wanna touch my boobs?” – Meet PIMO (Pixy Yijun Liao and Moro Takahiro), a Brooklyn based toy rock duo and artist couple. Living in an “experimental relationship”, as their Facebook status states, they produce work which plays with stereotypes, gender roles and sexuality. Above all it’s quite humorous. When I asked them where they liked to shoot their “Record New York” session, they suggested Coney Island, which is a 5 minute subway ride from their home. We filmed the first song, which they rehearsed beforehand, in a few minutes. I asked them whether they would like to perform a second song. They reluctantly agreed, with the warning of possibly not fully remembering the lyrics. The video starts with them trying to remember the lyrics. Enjoy a charming rendition of “Middle-Aged Man” by PIMO!


Shot and recorded in Williamsburg on September 27, 2014.

Song: Middle-Aged Man
Artist: PIMO

Direction & Picture: Stephan Knuesel (knuesel.net)
Sound Mix: J.Allen (joshallensound.com)
Production: Thom Pictures