Negative: Nothing


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Brothers and filmmakers Jan and Stephan Knuesel present the independently produced documentary feature «Negative: Nothing». It is the true story of Swiss man Thomas Koehler who walked 2900 kilometers all across Japan after the devastating Tsunami and Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. His journey from the northern to the southern tip, through sunshine, rain and storm became a walk of hope. «Negative: Nothing» has gained a cult following thanks to social media in Japan and Switzerland where it has been selling out theatrical screenings for three years and been licensed among others by UPLINK in Japan and by SWISS Airlines. «Negative: Nothing» has become an unexpected success and a strong symbol of the friendship between Japan and Switzerland.

Production: Asienspiegel GmbH, Thom Pictures, Inc.    
Written, Directed and Edited by: Jan Knuesel, Stephan Knuesel    
Director of Photography: Stephan Knuesel
Music: Yukio Elien Lanz, Tim & Puma Mimi    
Photographs: Christoph Bangert    
With: Thomas Koehler

Doc. 78 minutes, HD, Switzerland/Japan, 2012

“The Best No-Special-Effect movie, but with a true effect on the heart!” -Midori Ikematsu

“Lonely, on the road, he encounters many people, simply using his body, he keeps going. Watching Thomas in this state is heart-warming. Because it feels like a microcosm of human life. A great documentary, in which encounters and good-byes repeat and a feeling of hope remains.” -Rinko Kawauchi

INDEPENDENT SPIRITS (Mini-Doc about the directors’ journey of making and distributing the film)