Looking Glass Factory


I helped produce, direct, shoot and edit Kickstarter Campaign videos for inventors Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein. Namely the Hologram 2.0, The L3D Cube (which is now available at the MoMA store), and the Looking Glass Holographic display. All three campaigns were successfully funded. The videos were produced in collaboration with Thom Pictures, Tschudko Design and Looking Glass Factory.

Kickstarter Campaigns (with videos)
The Looking Glass Holographic Display
The L3D Cube
Hologram 2.0

Client: Looking Glass Factory
Production: Thom Pictures, Inc.
Script: Shawn Frayne, Alex Hornstein
Directed, Shot and Edited: Stephan Knuesel, Momo Vilaitanarak
DJ: Maechang (Manda Works)