David Heald


Photographer David Heald on Four Decades at the Guggenheim

David Heald, who has been photographing the Guggenheim Museum since 1981, calls the Frank Lloyd Wright building the most valuable work of art in the Guggenheim collection. This short documentary explores Wright’s famed design and some of the museum’s most memorable exhibitions through the lens of the museum’s Director of Photographic Services and Chief Photographer.

Full Credits:
Producers: Alex Barber, Caitlin Dover, Stephen Grant, Laura Kleger, Stephan Knuesel, and Alisha Levin
DP & Editor: Stephan Knuesel
Composer: Denise Mei Yan Hofmann
Sound Mixer: Josh Allen
Graphic Designers: Jae-eun Chung, Brette Richmond
Interviewer: Caitlin Dover
Rights: Kara Largenton
Special Thanks: David Heald