Betty Davis Documentary

I contributed a tiny bit of camera work to the Betty Davis documentary “Betty They Say I’m Different.” Read more →

New Salome Scheidegger Collaboration

I am pleased to announce that Swiss pianist Salome Scheidegger commissioned me to make three more “live” music videos after our first collaboration for my music series “Record New York“. Read more →

“Negative: Nothing” now on VIMEO ON DEMAND

My feature documentary “Negative: Nothing” is now available for streaming (rent & download) on VIMEO ON DEMAND. Read more →

A Zurich Snow Trilogy

I went back home to Switzerland over the holidays when it started to snow for three consecutive days, leaving my home town Zurich covered in a beautiful layer of snow. My brother and I were supposed to work on the DVD for “Negative: Nothing”, but we got distracted by the snow… The result is a three part mini video series we launched on youtube. The series got picked up by Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger.
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Looking Glass Factory commercial at SXSW 2014

Congratulations to our inventor friend Shawn Frayne! His latest creation Looking Glass Factory is presented at SXSW!

“Looking Glass” are physical prints of photographic (or computer generated) 3D scenes in color. The scenes are printed WITH INK and enclosed in lucite cubes. You can hold the scene in your hands, turn it upside down and look at it from every angle.
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“Silent Lights” Mini Documentary

Happy to announce the mini-documentary “Silent Lights” I made with Momo last month. It is about the wonderful interactive public art installation “Silent Lights” created by our friends Shagun Singh, Richard Lin and Valeria Bianco. The installation is a collaboration between design firm Urban Matter Inc and the Department of Transportation.
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