The Looking Glass Hologram on Kickstarter

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Looking Glass Factory commercial at SXSW 2014

Congratulations to our inventor friend Shawn Frayne! His latest creation Looking Glass Factory is presented at SXSW!

“Looking Glass” are physical prints of photographic (or computer generated) 3D scenes in color. The scenes are printed WITH INK and enclosed in lucite cubes. You can hold the scene in your hands, turn it upside down and look at it from every angle.
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Rocky Das Musical

I’ve had the pleasure of working as video editor and DP with video designer Pablo Molina on the upcoming broadway show of ‘Rocky’. It will first open in Germany then eventually come to Broadway.

Here’s a little video on the show itself:

Small, Beautifully Moving Parts

Small, Beautifully Moving Parts is a heartfelt, charming and well crafted road movie which just got a release here in New York City (and a couple of other cities). I had the pleasure of working for Lisa Robinson and Annie Howell’s film during post-production with designer Paul Chudy. We contributed a quirky little animation which you can see at the very end of the film. Wait for it right before the credits start… I highly recommend to see it in the theater. It’s one of those films that truly come to life on the big screen with an audience. It’s running at the Cinema Village theater at University Place and 12th Street starting Friday, May 11, 2012.
Review in the Daily News
Photos of the premiere in New York (May 11, 2012)