Artist Series for “Tales of Our Time”

I produced 7 artist profiles and a curatorial profile with documentary filmmaker Miao Wang (“Beijing Taxi” & “Maineland”) for the “Tales of Our Time” exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The videos were filmed on location in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, giving a glimpse into the artists’ practice.

Special thanks to fellow producer Naomi Leibowitz, filmmaker Miao Wang, Shaoguang Sun (DP), Tim O’Keefe (Music), Josh Allen (Soundmix), Laurence Martin (Design), Tzu-Wen Cheng (translator), Ruohan Xu (Assistant Editor) and curator Xiaoyu Weng! Such an honor to be a part of this exciting project. Go see the show if you are in New York.

More on the exhibition

View the Overview video followed by 7 Artist Profiles: