“Independent Spirits” is a quasi Behind The Scenes mini-doc of our feature documentary “Negative: Nothing” (co-directed with my brother Jan Knuesel). What initially was supposed to be a 5 minute video for the web, ended up being a full length feature documentary and really hitting a nerve with the Japanese and the Swiss. It screened theatrically in Switzerland, Germany and Japan for 3 years and was licensed among others by SWISS Airlines for 6 months in 2014 and the charming UPLINK theater in Tokyo. Find out more about our journey of producing our first feature documentary, our generous audience who found us through social media and our grassroots distribution style.


Snow Trilogy

Swiss Newspaper Tages-Anzeiger picks up our tiny trilogy about three snowy days in Zurich. I shot the three videos with my brother Jan over the holidays. Enjoy and Happy New Year! View All Three Films
(tiny trilogy, 2014, 3 minutes, Swiss)


The Nobodies (by Greg Bratman and Dusty Brown)

(Comedy 2014 10 minutes USA, DP)

Article on Indiewire
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“Silent Lights” mini-documentary

(Mini-Doc 2014 5 minutes USA, Producer / Co-Director / DP / Editor)

Best of section of The Creators Project blog (Jan 2014)


Still Walking

(Music Video 2013 3 minutes Switzerland/Japan, Producer / Co-Director / DP / Editor)

Take a look behind the scenes of the video shoot with artist and singer Puma Mimi.


Negative: Nothing

(Doc 2012 78 minutes Switzerland/Japan, Producer / Co-Director / DP / Editor)

“Negative: Nothing” sold out theaters in Japan and Switzerland for 3 years (2012-2015). It was among others licensed by UPLINK Theater in Tokyo and SWISS Airlines. Distributed by Asienspiegel GmbH.

TV Report by Martin Aldrovandi

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (2/9/2013)
SonntagsZeitung Film Review (2/3/2013)
Tages Anzeiger “Schweizer Dokfilm berührt japanisches Publikum” (1/17/2013)
Swiss Film “Negative: Nothing strikes a chord in Japan” / video report by Martin Aldrovandi
Reflexe Radio SRF 2 «Negativ: Nichts»: Schweizer Dokfilm in Japan (1/16/2013)
Radio Energy Interview(01/04/2013)
Japan Times “Step by Step, seeing the positive in Japan” (11/30/2012)
J-Wave Radio Interview (11/25/2012)
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Nikkei Shimbun (11/13/2012) (International Service of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation
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March 12, 2013  –  Screening at ASIJ Tokyo as part of the “3/11 – In Focus” Event. (See Program, PDF)

More info on screenings, press coverage, festivals etc in the Press Kit

Newtown Sessions (2011-2013)

(Live Music Videos 2011-2013, 10 minutes Brooklyn, Director / DP / Editor)

Vice Nosey article on “Weekend” Session
Vice Nosey article on “Wampire” Session
Vice Nosey article on “Total Slacker” Session
Vice Nosey article on “Unicorn Kid” Session
Vice Nosey article on “Sky Ferreira” Session (dir: Beto Vargas)

Expensive Looks “Vanishers”

(Music Video 2012, DP)

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2012 New York International Film Festival in Los Angeles
2013 Berlin Independent Film Festival


Exercise (5mins 2003 Experimental Video, Director) – Film Review at SXSW 2013

Sending Off SXSW 2003 by MARC SAVLOV
Stephan Knuesel’s “Exercise,” which uses a film loop to repeat effect, all set to Beethoven. Coming from the mainstream, it’s easily apparent why Knuesel’s film […] set teeth on edge and eyes alight. […] the avant-garde is very much alive and well.

Austin Chronicle “Sending Off SXSW 2003”