A Drunken Dreamy J. Allen

I have been working with Josh on a number of commercial projects over the years. Josh is a location and post production sound engineer. He was also involved in the audio post production mix of the first “negative: nothing” trailer in 2012. It is only late last year that I found out that Josh is also a gifted musician, performing under the name “J. Allen”. When I went to see his show at Pianos at last year’s CMJ music event in New York, I was blown away by the personal, absorbing and dreamy quality of his songs. Since then, we were talking about making a video. It was one of those projects that was always in the back of my mind, but due to scheduling conflicts we never found the time to do it. Well, not up until last week…

I responded to the old familiar and nostalgic quality of the track “O My Love”. It sounds like someone trying to sing his way into someone else’ dream. It runs on a fine line between romantic and perhaps paranoid. I really liked it. We kept the concept and production simple. Three setups shot in slow motion, plus a couple of disorienting flashbacks. All shot within 2 hours in Josh’s apartment. I had the feeling that shooting it in his personal space will bring out something intimate in the final video. Production designer and stylist Momo Vilaitanarak ( set the color palette and decided to play with paintings of Josh, painted by Artist Sara Neeli, which adds another subtle dimension to the video. Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome and excited to share it with you all. Take look…

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